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A Walk in the Park

This, being my first blog-post, is really about the blog itself.

You must be wondering why I have named it ‘a Walk in the park’. Yes, I am an accountant based near Battersea park, Wandsworth and go for regular walks in the park but this blog is not about parks. This is about business accounting. The idea is to write about accounting issues for non-accountants and make it as easy as a walk in the park – fuss free.

Imagine how different it can be from talking to your accountant in a formal environment, usual quick phone calls or emails full of accounting jargons to just having a walk with your accountant in the park. It is relaxed, it is away from all the chaos and commotion, it’s in a simple language and it is just as interesting as storytelling.

So dear small business owners struggling with bookkeeping and annual returns, take a walk in the park with a local Accountant once a week, and get your business accounts fitter and healthier!

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