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The Accountant (2016 film)

The other day I came across a trailer for the new Ben Affleck film ‘The Accountant’, and I thought finally a mainstream film about an Accountant!

I did a short blog about the lack of Hollywood films about us ‘interesting’ accountants back in Nov 2011 blog

Here I also suggested some names for a film about accountants .. “I am sure the day will come when the movies will be called.. Gone with the Accountant, The good- the bad-and-the-ugly Bookkeeper, The Lord of the Ledger, The Accountant of Arabia, Indiana Jones and the receipts of the lost Accounts, Beauty and the bookkeeper, V for VAT,…”. Finally, the dream has come true and with a better title than I could imagine.

While I haven’t seen the film yet (to be released on 14th Oct 2016), to my disappointment, the trailer suggests it’s less about suspense accounts and more about suspense action thriller. Yes a CPA accountant who literally shoots at his clients and their people. Well I know many accountants dream about doing that so I guess it could still be a hit among accountants.

Anyway, it does look like a good action film, whether it will make anyone wiser about accounting I doubt it but still can’t wait to watch it :-)

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