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7 ethical tips for small businesses to become more successful (Efficient and Effective)

People who own small businesses often find themselves so busy keeping the business running and trying their best to expand at the same time that they can easily lose sight of their priorities and end up getting further away from their goals. Following certain ethics can make your job much easier in making decisions that…


6 points checklist – when you start a new company

You may have been working as a self-employed or working under an employment contract with another company before but now you have decided to start your own company and are curious to know what you have to do next. Register a new Company First of all, you must register your new company. All companies are registered…


Selling a tech business and preparing for due diligence

When trying to sell a tech business, you should know that the acquiring group will want to conduct a due diligence. Due diligence is basically the information gathering process that a buyer conducts before committing to the purchase of a business. Immediately after you sign a letter of intent with a potential buyer, the due…