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Fixed Asset Register in Clear Books

Many small businesses do not maintain a detailed Fixed Asset Register. There is an extra work involved and often the bookkeepers, those who maintain such register, have to create separate spreadsheets as the Accounting softwares they use do not provide easy solution.

With Clear Books, maintaining Fixed Assets register could not be any easier. You record your transactions as normal i.e. enter the purchase invoice using the nominal account e.g. Plant & Equipment and the system takes the info to the Fixed Assets tool automatically. All you need to do now is go to that tool and edit the Depreciation percentage.

After that you don’t even have to post depreciation entries every month, just use the Fixed Asset tool to calculate and post it.

I have used many systems but this tool by Clear Books is a great time saver and simply a delight to use.

(for detailed guide from Clear Books: http://www.clearbooks.co.uk/support/guides/accounting-settings-2/fixedassets/ )

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