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The role of Finance Director in a business


In a business, the Finance Director is the one responsible for budgeting, projecting cash flows, and determining how to invest and finance projects. Here are a few things you need to know about a finance director.

What is the role of a Finance Director?

The Finance Director has a really important role in any kind of business, and he has to understand the reality of the business world and be really competitive as well. A good Finance Director can become the heart of your business, but the lack of financial expertise inside a company can lead to bad decisions and even business failure. In any organisation, the Finance Director works with the Managing Director, helping him making the decisions based on the financial implications.

In a few words, the role of a Finance Director can be to educate the business manager to manage the business money in the best way. Also, it can help the managers improve their business strategy skills.

The tasks of a Finance Director

The Finance Director can have tasks such as cash flow management and accounts management, financial input into strategic business issues and investments. Also, he would be responsible of managing the relationships with stakeholders, as well as assisting the strategic planning and forecast. As a Finance Director, he would also be responsible for overseeing issues such as the year-end accounts completion, VAT compliances and payroll.

How a Finance Director can help your business

A Finance Director would be a Chartered Accountant with both commercial and practical experience in supporting businesses at all stages of growth. Many Finance Directors actually have experience in managing a business as well, so they understand all the problems you may face and can give you assistance.

The benefits of working with a Finance Director

If you choose to work with a Finance Director you can be sure to have the most accurate financial management information so you can take the best decisions for your business. You also get the strategic business input your business needs so that you can focus on other aspects of your business, such as planning and development. It’s always great to have someone with experience to support your decisions in key issues. The administrative support on legal and tax issues you can have if you work with a Finance Director is also a key benefit, and can be offered also by engaging the help from outside advisors. The added value of your business will grow with help from commercially experienced accountants. Our team has a number of accountants with commercial and practical experience in supporting any kind of business.

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