Riz Wasti

Finance Director – Accountant – Business Advisor

I am a Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA) by qualification who over the years has become an expert in small business finance functions.

I’ve been working with small businesses for over 14 years, including setting up my own full-service accounting practice (2E Accountants), which has since grown to a talented team of 5 serving a base of over 130 clients. During this time I’ve been able to play key roles in many successful startups, and realised that helping small businesses through growth and change is really where my passion and skills reside.

My philosophy

The success of any small business is based on the strengths of its three main ‘departments’: Sales and Marketing, Business Operations (goods or services it provides to other) and Finance & Admin (support). I believe building a good Finance & Admin department within a business is just as important for its success as other departments and more often than not it gets ignored by the business management.

When I first started working in accounts office in small businesses back in early 2000s, I was always keen to design a better system to whatever was in practice, learn and implement new ideas and train others. I was motivated by seeing my impact in the business. Over the years as I progressed in my career and from business to business I remained consistent in my approach and saw my impact on every business and organisation I worked with.

When I started my practice 2E Accountants in 2009, this was the core philosophy in building a culture of the practice. I feel proud that all the team members work on same ethos. Hence, we had an extraordinary client and employee satisfaction and retention rate.

I’m proud that 2E Accountants over the last 6 years have become a practice that businesses can rely upon for their finance functions and accountancy needs.

Past and present experience

Director, 2e Accountants

Since 2009 I have been responsible for the overall management and leadership of 2E Accountants Ltd. This includes co-ordination and direction of client support, delegation of tasks to a team comprising of two other qualified accountants, a network including a tax specialist and other experts and three members of staff.

Finance Manager, In-House

From 2006 I was Finance Manager for Lightstate Ltd reporting to and assisting the Company Director in all finance and performance matters. I supported the organisation and Company Director through the acquisition of Lightstate Ltd by AOL in June 2007 and continued provision of Finance Manager duties to AOL following acquisition.

Finance and Accounts

From 2004 to 2006 I was an in-house accounts manager for companies including environmental charity Waste Watch and retailer Park Lane shoes, assisting with all aspects of accounts and finance, sales, VAT, and company analysis / performance.


  • 2016 EIS and SEIS diploma to help small business clients to attract investors
  • 2009 Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK (ACMA)
  • 1999 MA Economics
  • 1996 Bachelor of Commerce

Other highlights and interests

I regularly write and talk about all matters of small business finance. I've spoken at the British Library's IP Centre, and my articles have been featured in many places including the Financial Times and the Telegraph.

In addition to my membership with the Association of UK Accountants CIC, I am also member of the Association of UK Accountants CIC.

I am active with BNI's local Clapham chapter and regularly speak at their events. I also do charity work as Treasurer for the Attic Theatre Company.



I've acquired areas of expertise in all manner of small business accounting and finance. These include implementing systems, hiring and training of accounting staff, supporting management with reports and analysis, statutory accounting and returns filing, tax compliance, share issue and company secretarial matters, financial strategy for a small business and EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme).

I am currently pursuing a qualification in EIS, so that I can better help my clients attract potential investors for crucial start-up funding.

What I offer

I advise and support start-ups and growing businesses. I help create financial strategy for the business and build in-house Finance Department with efficient system and by hiring & training staff and a reporting structure.

Due to demand on my time I only take one business at a time to personally get involved.