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All news » 8 people killed just to save a BOOKKEEPER!!

8 people killed just to save a BOOKKEEPER!!

This is probably the only time a Bookkeeper was the centre of attention in a Hollywood blockbuster. Anyone who has seen The Untouchables (1987) will remember the most memorable scene of all times.. the Odessa steps sequence.

This was a great scene in a great movie so I just wanted to post it here for all my fellow Accountants & Bookkeepers in case they ever feel that Hollywood has ignored them and have only made movies about lawyers and doctors etc. If you ever feel left out then just remember this scene.

It’s one of my favourite scenes in any movie and in a way I feel proud that there’s a bookkeeper involved. Shame he wasn’t the Hero in the movie. Perhaps an idea for the future blockbusters?! I am sure the day will come when the movies will be called.. Gone with the Accountant, The good- the bad-and-the-ugly Bookkeeper, The Lord of the Ledger, The Accountant of Arabia, Indiana Jones and the receipts of the lost Accounts, Beauty and the bookkeeper, V for VAT, No country for old Accountants, Slumdog Finance-Director, Profit Wars: The Tax-man strikes back… enjoy:

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